Cornerstone Initiatives

These three key initiatives will provide access, funding and support to make Drive to 55 a reailty. Click the logos to learn more about each one.

Other Initiatives

Get Students Ready
  • Increase access to dual enrollment
  • Provide online college preparation course
  • Support Common Core State Standards
Get Students In
  • Established TSAC endowment fund
  • Launch the Tennessee Promise scholarship program
  • Realign HOPE scholarship awards to increase access to community colleges
Get Students Out
  • Leverage Degree Compass statewide
  • Allow 8 semesters or 120 hours on HOPE scholarship
  • Develop “MOOC” partnerships
Go Back and Finish
  • Launched WGU Tennessee
  • Recruit adult non-completers through predictive analytics
  • Provide last-dollar Reconnect scholarship for adults to attend TCATs free of tuition and fees
  • Change Wilder-Naifeh eligibility requirements to include students who once had HOPE but lost it
Create Alignment and Accountability
  • Provided equipment grants to TCATs and community colleges
  • Expand LEAP initiative and offer competitive grants to address local skills gaps
  • Develop scorecards to measure performance of postsecondary institutions